Budget 4 pc Burgundy/White Horsemanship Outfit, Ladies M 0693A-D

$ 850.00

Outfit includes a horsemanship blouse, ultrasuede chaps with matching pants and belt.  Great Shape

The spandex blouse has a back zipper, burgundy and black trim and minimal stoning.  There are side seams and sleeves have a 2" hem.

Pants are a size 34 with 1" side seams and 2" hem.

All pieces are in good shape, haven't been altered and are clean.

Hand wash and drip dry.

Blouse Measurements:

     Shoulders 17

     Sleeve length 26

     Bust 36

     Waist 27

Pant Measurements:

     Waist 35

     Hips 42 1/2

     Outseam 40 1/2

Chap Measurements:

     Chap waist 36

     Thigh 25

     Outseam 48

Design #0416a


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