Budget Orange/White/Purple M/L Showmanship Outfit 1889AB

$ 595.00 $ 1,990.00

Nice orange showmanship outfit, budget priced, but in great condition.  Trimmed in white and purple.  Has been let out as much as possible.  Center front zipper, cowboy collar and pointed shaped hemline.  Hand wash/drip dry.  Textured polyester is very durable and wrinkle resistant.

Pants were a size 29 but have also been let out completely.


Jacket Measurements:

     Shoulders 16

     Sleeve length 25 1/2

     Waist 33

     Hips 41 1/2

     Back Finished Length 25 1/2


Pant Measurements:

     Waist 33 1/2

     Hips 40

     Outseam 43 1/2


Design: #0673b

Invoice #1421AB 


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